Aquaponics Farming Trials

After seeing some really exciting anecdotal evidence to suggest that seeding our breeding and growing tanks with nutrients, we’re about to embark on a multi-farm, fully-replicated field trial.  We are going to start the field trial on Tilapia, and also Koi and are looking for other aquaponics farmers who have the capability and desire to collaborate on this trial — specifically, any who are growing shell fish or other species of fish.

Results of the Anecdotal Trials

A Utah fish farmer in the United States worked with a local provider of fulvic acid, and ran a split test against an untreated tank and found that the fish in the treated tank were on average 37% larger at the same age.  The same farmer has replicated this trial twice and gotten similar results.

Questions We’d Like to Answer With Our Trial

Water Source

We’d like to know if this is unique to this farmer’s setup because of the source of his water.  The local fresh water source is very alkaline.  Although his water is treated to normalize the pH we’d like to see it replicated in other environments with different, more acidic original water sources.

Fish Species

We’d love to see this replicated across multiple varieties of fish to see if it’s something specific to the species he is raising on his property.  It is informative to note however, that we’ve seen the introduction of fulvates and fulvic acid have similar effects on mammals in other farming operations.

Food Source

There may be something going on with this farmer’s food source that the organic acids are making the nutrients more available to the fish through the treatment with the fulvic or the humic acid.  It’s also possible that it’s boosting the growth of microscopic organisms further down the food chain from these fish.  At this point, we just don’t have enough information to draw meaningful conclusions yet

Environmental Factors

It’s possible that there is another environmental factor, such as the microbiology in his tanks, the ambient temperature, the amount of dissolved gases, or nutrient mix in his tanks is effecting these results as well.  If we can get a number of trials we can start to zero in on what factors the humates are improving in the Utah grower’s environment and either improve these or point out who might also get similar results on their farms.

How You Can Participate

If you’d like to participate in the trial and think you can add some useful variability to our trials, please reach out and let us know.  You can contact us here directly, or reach out to the manufacturer: Genesis liquid fertilizer and ask to be included in the trial.  Of course, we will continue to keep our readership here informed of any progress we make


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