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About Fish Farming Online

Who we are, and what we do

Fish Farming Online is a reference source for fish farming equipment and brings together a wide range of suppliers to the aquaculture industry. It serves the interests of finfish and shellfish farmers and is designed to include the entire range of goods and services you are likely to need.

If you are looking for mainstream equipment such as tanks, moorings or cages you will find them here. If you are interested in more esoteric items, such a lures to catch sea lice, or decoy killer whales to keep seals at bay, then Fish Farming Online will have a supplier to assist (look under Predator Control to find them).

Fish Farming Online is continually increasing the range of suppliers on it’s site. If you wish to add information on your own company to Fish Farming Online then follow this link for details.

Fish Farming Online is managed by the Scottish Fish Farming Conference and Exhibition. It is based on over 21 years of experience in the provision of goods and services to the fish farming industry. For more information contact :

Fish Farming Conference and Exhibiton
3a Querns Lane
GL7 1RL, UK.
emailĀ laura@fish-farming.co.uk